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The following case studies encompass many projects, including recent ones and a few favorites from early in my career.


From partnering with visual design, product, marketing, and engineering to define and streamline content operations for the rapid release of multiple limited-time offers for Walmart+ members to creating the concept and design of YP.COM's first-ever reusable home page components to drive traffic to contests, new features, and YP Mobile product pages, this 'look under the hood' is not just a showcase of my experience, but a testament to the significant impact of my work on these projects. 

Project | 01

Project 01 | Walmart+
Scaling Benefits and Limited-Time Offers


  • Senior Manager I, UX Content


  • Develop content models, templates, and content requirements as part of a repeatable process to improve time-to-market for Walmart+ member benefits and limited-time offers.


  • Create and share a playbook that includes content requirements, component guides, pre-approved legal disclaimer language, and related artifacts.


  • Marketing, product, engineering, and visual design. Also shared with 3rd party providers of benefits and offers.


  • Improved efficiencies and hand-offs between disciplines 

  • Decreased time-to-market for limited-time offers from months to weeks

  • Created a playbook to help coach new content designers and to ensure their success in the benefits and offers space

  • Content team used playbook and requirements to create prompts for AI-generated copy, helping to further scale content operations.

Project | 02

Project 02 | Walmart Health & Wellness
Workshop: How to lead with value


  • Principal Designer, UX Content



  • Develop a one-sheet visual guide to help +30 plus visual design, product, and business partners understand how to create value-led content distinct from marketing and creative copy.



  • Begin with a simple message based on user needs and product requirements.

  • Ask design partners to rewrite messaging to lead with value.

  • Reveal the final copy written by UX content design.


  • Visual design, product management, business partners.



  • Empowered 20+ visual designers to create value-driven copy for design reviews with leadership successfully.​

  • Workshopped value-driven content approach with product and visual partners to improve product requirements from kick-off, reducing the number of copy explorations needed before hand-off to engineering.

  • Expanded self-service content tools to include content principles and the creation of a health and wellness style guide and content playbook.

  • Helping to scale the impact of content without adding additional (human) resources.


2015 American Advertising Awards (DC) Winner, Silver Award

Digital Advertising - Website, Consumer Services

Project | 03

Project 03 | Sensis
Washington Gas Living Site Redesign


  • Lead Content Strategist | Writer


  • Create a campaign site featuring clear and engaging journeys for multiple audiences, nuancing the voice of each user type to provide useful and actionable information while delivering on the message of the brand.


  • Create clear pathways to relevant information (improve navigation and IA). Avoid jargon and confusing terms. Support increased conversions to natural gas.


  • Design, engineering, IA, marketing (client), product + project managers.


  • Established site dedicated to “selling” natural gas

  • Easier navigation, intuitive labels and nomenclature

  • Improved wayfinding

  • Robust content for residential and commercial customers, and contractors

  • Customized style guide to help staff maintain voice and tone standards

  • Trained in-house staff on Drupal CMS 

  • Addy Award Winner!

Project | 04

Project 04 | Sensis
UCLA Extension: 1000 Lessons Learned


  • Lead Content Strategist | Writer


  • Created a unified content strategy supporting a 360 ad campaign featuring the aspirational stories of UCLA Extension (UCLAx) students, teachers, and alums to increase awareness and enrollment.


  • Partnered with client’s marketing team to develop a holistic approach to engage consumers. All media - traditional and digital - drove consumers to a microsite to further engage with "Lessons Learned" content, learn about programs and enroll.


  • Design, engineering, marketing (client), project managers.


  • Implemented use of content operations platform to streamlined in-house editorial process

  • Integrated content ops and CMS tools to improve workflows

  • Successfully launched first institutional brand awareness campaign

  • Raised post-campaign awareness and increased media impressions by 54% (compared to similar past campaigns)

Project | 05

Project 05 | YP.COM
YP Mobile Product Pages


  • Senior Writer | Content Strategist



  • Create space on the home page to promote contests, product launches, and localized content, and create fully navigable landing pages.



  • Incorporate design and IA, and mitigate dependencies on limited deployment schedule to allow content to be pushed independent of major code releases.



  • Design, engineering, IA, product (web and mobile PMs), SEO (and later, analytics)​

Data-driven insights

  • 40% of searches were inherently local

  • Only ~7% of results had (actual) local relevance (match user intent)

  • We ranked #1 in search for “yellow_pages”

  • Opportunity to rank for “local_search”


  • 40% increase in overall traffic

  • Increased Google PageRank over previous iterations of city pages

  • Provided more depth, immediacy and relevancy to the search experience - gave context and a sense of place for users, and further established YP as a trusted brand

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