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Project | 01

Project | 01 1000 Lessons Learned
​Client: UCLA Extension

Lead Content Strategist | Content Writer



What happens when a nearly 100-year old leader in lifelong learning is faced with a decline in brand awareness? And how do you create synergy across academic departments that are accustomed to working in silos, to embracing a shared goal of increasing enrollment overall?


Sensis worked with UCLA Extension's marketing department to develop a holistic approach to engage consumers while on their computers and mobile devices, while commuting to work, and while watching television.


The resulting campaign, “1,000 Lessons Learned,” educated the target audience of 25 to 44-year-old middle-income professionals by leveraging transformational stories told by UCLA Extension instructors, alumni, and existing students.


All media - traditional and digital - drove consumers to a microsite where they could further engage with "Lessons Learned" content. This content featured the aspirational stories of UCLA Extension students, instructors, and alumni, and featured a clear and consistent call to action prompting consumers to take steps to enroll.

Project | 02

Project | 02 Can I Bring It?

Lead Content Strategist | Content Writer



For many travelers, the best and most memorable parts of their journey includes the food, flora and fauna of places visited. The tastes and smells, the rich colors of the landscape…these are the things we want to remember from our travels. And what better way to do so than to bring home food, plants or other items that are native to the region?


Problem is, from a single plant, flower or food item, invasive pests have the potential to wreak havoc on the U.S. Agriculture.


Sensis worked with USDA-APHIS to create "Can I Bring It?," a fully-integrated campaign that educates travelers about simple steps they can take to protect U.S. agriculture. The campaign reaches travelers traveling to California from Mexico and China, as well as from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland. These locations happen to be some of the busiest pathways for invasive pests to enter the country through passenger luggage.


Traditional and digital media drives users to an online search tool that uses clear language and nomenclature to help users navigate the tool, and provides additional, actionable information on how to declare items, all while educating travelers about the potential for harm.


2015 American Advertising Awards (DC) Winner, Silver Award

Digital Advertising - Website, Consumer Services

Project | 03

Project | Washington Gas Living
​Client: Washington Gas

Lead Content Strategist | Content Writer| Editor Sensis


How does a utility company speak to consumers about converting to natural gas in a way that is informative and genuine, absent of jargon and confusing terminology, while clearly spelling out the steps necessary to make that conversion happen? This was the problem Washington Gas Living (WGL) faced: how to create clear and engaging journeys for primary and secondary users, nuancing the voice of each user type, providing useful and actionable information, while still delivering on the message of the brand.


The content and UX strategy Sensis created focused on educating (and entertaining) residential customers by delivering on the promise of a “natural gas lifestyle.” The content features an aspirational tone and compelling visuals to demonstrate the benefits of "living with natural gas."


The site also acts as a resource for both WGL’s commercial customers, as well as contractors who work with WGL to install gas appliances and provide related services to WGL's residential and commercial customers.

In addition to a new look and feel, the site provides enhanced online features, easier navigation and enriched promotional opportunities, as well as robust content for residential and commercial customers, as well as natural gas contractors in the Metropolitan D.C. area.

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